Monday, July 20, 2009

Fist Impressions: Bakemonogatari - 01, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 01, CANAAN - 01

Bakemonogatari - 01

What impressed me in this show was the eye candy visuals and I'm surprised because I never thought that SHAFT is capable of having good animation and at the same time being artistic. The OP in this episode was quite interesting but I don't know if it's a shot when Koyomi was still a vampire and if it is, I would be eager to know more about him and how he became human again. Btw I would like to see SHAFT try to animate a shonen show with this high quality visuals.
Hitagi was at the same time gorgeous and calls herself a tsundere and I find her character quite entertaining. I don't know why she doesn't have any weight and the connection with the crab....I'm quite confused but I'm very eager to watch how her story would develop. I found her crazy at first because she drive a stapler inside the cheek of Koyomi but she was forgiven since because of her action Koyomi was able to tell her that he was once a vampire. Oh yeah....another interesting thing was this episode, the shots seems like in a first person view because there were only several shots where I saw Koyomi's face and SHAFT was still able to make the episode interesting even though it was only limited to Koyomi's perspective. Wow, the plot really is interesting and even the characters also so...yeah, I'll keep watching this show and I think I'll also blog it.
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 01
All I could say is wow that was a very good opening episode and the animation was solid. The OP song was ok but what really caught my attention is the beautifully done drawings they’ve used in OP sequence I really think it was jaw dropping. The ED song was also fine and the ED sequence was quite entertaining.

The first part of the episode portrays the normality of things like going to school, sibling quarrel, personalities of the kids and the lack of attention of the parents to their kids because of their work. That was too normal and then boom, there’s this earthquake and then the Mirai was separated with her brother because of the earthquake. I think because of the series being near to reality and good characterization I was already attached to the characters. The pacing was fine, it’s neither slow nor fast. The character design on the other hand looks like the one on slice-of-life series like Honey and Clover and because of that, I think, the feel of normality in this series has been emphasized more.

I think this series is very promising and I will be watching it but as for the blogging, I’ll leave it to thingle because I am really busy these days because of school and not so good schedule.
I can't wait for more earthquake action woooo!! next episode please....

The animation is visually stunning and the detail was also good. P.A. Works really has good animation when they produce series. The main character of the story is Canaan and she reminds me of Shiki not only because of the character design but because her eyes also change colours. Though, I think it was kind of rip off, I’m still inclined in following this series since the story and even Canaan intrigues me even though in the first episode only made a sneak peek on what would be the series is like. I’m also excited of Maaya Sakamoto voicing Alphard and I’m a big fan of hers. I wonder what would be the part of Maria in all of this, I can’t wait to find out.

The OP and the ED song didn’t stick to me and I easily forgot them. The OP sequence on the other hand was quite interesting but the ED sequence I barely noticed it. I hope they’ll insert a Maaya Sakamoto song in this series.

Since it’s only 13 episodes I think I could manage to blog this and I hope I can post it in time.

until then...