Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Impressions: Shiki, Strike Witches 2


If you followed my response on Sid's comment on twitter, you might have thought that I already dropped this series because of the negative comments it received but I'm a bit glad that I still tried to watch it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ookami-san - 07 Quick Post

Well, I have to admit....this 13 year old Ryouko is a lot attractive than the usual Ryouko XD

Yes, Ryoushi it is a DATE!! You will gonna treasure it for the rest of your life. It's very rare to see Ryouko act so cute XD

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 21 Quick Post

Lol I skipped ep 20 just to proceed on this one and I think that's fine since ep 20 is a filler episode

At last! Shintani made an appearance already. I've been waiting for him ever since the number of episodes in Maid-sama reached 2 digits. I wonder what J.C. Staff plans on him but I hope he will get enough development since this series is near the end of it's run

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ookami-san - 06 Quick Post

Finally, we're heading somewhere here. This is one touching episode since this episode revealed the past of Ryouko and we're given a hint why Ryouko was so shocked in seeing Hitsujikai last episode.

That Bastard...I don't know what he did to Ryouko but my bet is he tried to rape her...damn him..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Impressions: Kuroshitsuji II & Occult Academy

Kuroshitsuji II

If you watched the first season of Kuroshitsuji and watched the first episode of the second season well, we probably had a similar reaction upon seeing the first episode. I don't want to spoil this series so all I would like to say is this is the surprise in the season, not just because it improved from the first season but…..something else that I can't reveal. I'm fairly happy with the first episode since we got a chance to see a new character and his butler. I don't really like Alois Trancy's character but I've got to admit that his character has depth. I really can't blame him of being such a brat mainly because he grew up in a very abusing environment. Claude on the other hand well, I still like Sebastian but you could really see that he really cherishes Alois but he's too serious and he's a bit inferior to Sebastian in terms of his skills. The OP and ED is really commendable. The OP J-Pop is really catchy and is accompanied by really good visuals. The ending is a nice ballad and I will certainly put it in my ipod.