Friday, May 29, 2009

K-ON! - 09

I found this week’s episode very touching even though it’s not as hilarious as the last few episodes. In this episode, Azusa was wondering why she was touched and amazed by the performance of the light and music club even though the member’s loves to laze around instead of practising and they often make mistakes while playing. I kinda relate to that in real life because when you like what you’re doing and you persevere, the outcome is usually satisfying unlike when you do something half heartedly it always result to disappointment and even mediocrity. I really like anime shows that teach us some lessons that we often forgot we needed in this life so yeah, I’m starting to love K-ON!. I won’t forget you’re words Mio, “Enjoy what you do” (we’ll that’s not the exact words but that’ll do).

Azusa has graced us again with her presences but I still prefer Mio. She’s cute all right but I prefer the shy expressions of Mio than with Azusa because she’s already overly cute. I noticed also that in the OP of this week’s episode, she is already playing with the band so I want to see her play with the band already. Azusa is also the center of the abuses in this episode and I’m glad because Mio finally had a break of being the center of attraction. Well, I think it’s a good decision because I find the Mio teasing is getting overly excessive.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

K-ON! - 07 & 08

K-ON! – 07

It’s nice to see the sisterly love between Yui and Ui but I do hope that there would be more music in this episode. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the episode because of the characters wackiness but of course my favourite would still be Mio in terms of moéness but if it’s in terms of wackiness, I like Sawa-chan. Nothing much happened in this episode they just spend the time buying presents and having the Christmas party. Btw, Mio sure looks good in her kimono, I hope I could see her wearing that more.

K-ON! – 08

Yeah!! A lot happened in this episode and I like the part when Mio saved the song while they are performing. I happen to like their performance in this episode unlike what they did in their previous performance. Though there are some close shots of the instrument playing but most of the time it was just focused on the characters singing. I really prefer Mio singgin as the vocalist because I find Yui’s voice too moé and its kinda disturbing.

I also like the part when they are recruiting members because of the maid costume, they all look so adorable (specially Mio). The part when Sawa-chan forced them to wear the hideous animal costume was hilarious (people won’t come near them wearing those scary costumes). Azusa has been introduced and I find her quietness cute. I wonder what instrument would she be playing? The shot at the end of the episode when Ritsu jumped over Azusa, well, she(Azusa) kinda looks like Kyonko so I wonder if she’s a tsundere or a silent type. I think we’ll find out soon enough…

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi S2 - 01

I am so glad that the first episode final premiered already but I wonder if the three years wait is worth for it. For me, I don’t know yet because I don’t like judging shows based only on the first episode, I’ll say if it’s worth the wait if all the episodes have been aired already. I certainly missed Yuki and Haruhi’s bossy attitude oh, I almost forgot Kyon’s inner babbling.

I was a bit disappointed with the art quality, the colour is a bit dull and Kyon looks different in some shots. I’m really disappointed because I think Munto was better animated than this and Munto was quite a let down on the plot department. I understand why the animation is not at its best because they are still animating K-ON and I think it’s fine because there are still some good chance they can show off in the future episodes. I also have another rant, Haruhi and Mikuru look a lot moé and I’m bothered because I like their first season counterparts better.

I'm looking forward to June 18th when a whole new episodes would premier. I think they are trying to juice up the plot and make this series more coherent by airing it in a chronilogical manner but I hope the series won't lose its craziness.

ED: Tomare by Hirano Aya, Chihara Minori, Gotou Yuuko
Well, I think the ED was just so-so, didn't like it immediately unlike the previous ED but I hope it could grow on me. The animation sequence is quite good by the way and Haruhi definitely looked moé, its kinda distracting.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan - 25

Holy crap....I wasn't planning on posing any Suzumiya Haruhi-chan but I was surprised when I watched the OP of this episode. All the girls in the series are so hot in their visual novel rendition of themselves, their so hot that I nearly died. It's unusual that I've posted so many screencaps because I usually posts 6 screen caps but what the heck, I've posted a LOT in this 8 min episode mainly because it was worth posting the screencaps. Ah, crap because of this I already want to watch the season 2 of Haruhi Suzumiya. I walso want to play the game made by Yuki, I wonder if they would really make a game like that hehe. I wasn't a fan of Tsuruya-san but recently her non chibi versions in this series is so hot specially during the Santa Clause hunt, I'm starting to love her. Also Mori-san is also getting my attention, I never thought that she's that cute. Btw, I noticed in the game made by Yuki that there is a scene where it is similar in 'the Disappearance', its like when Yuki was giving the club application form to Kyon (if you read the novels then you know what I'm saying).

Actually the only thing interesting in this episode is the OP and the game made by Yuki but the 'new costume' for Asahina and special effects movie is not that funny.

If the next episode of Haruhi-chan would be able to get my attention then I think I'll blog it again.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - 06

I really liked Alicia’s facial expressions; by just looking at them I’m entertained already. I think her facial expressions are the only thing interesting in this episode because it was spent mostly by Ellet trying to get an interview with Welkin. I still think that last episode was better because of the action and character developments. I don’t know if this is still loyal to the game but I think this episode was made for the sole purpose of introducing Ellet and extending the series so that it’ll reach to 26, what a waste. Next episode looks interesting, it looks like Welkin/Faldio hugging Alicia and another possible couple (Isara & Lamar). To be honest I don’t quite like Faldio, I kept getting a feeling that he’s a bad guy in a good guy’s costume.

Since last week I wasn’t able to post #5 I’ll say this here…don’t you find Selvaria hot? She’s hotter than Alicia but I still like Alicia better. Ah, I also forgot to mention that Marina Inoue’s voice is also entertaining and now, I’m a fan already.

I hope the next episode won’t disappoint me and I hope they should get on with the story.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just finished Nodame Cantabile..

You might be wondering why I didn’t released the other first impressions of the shows that are featuring this season and the reason is that I marathoned Nodame Cantabile and even read the manga also, I’m currently watching the live action version of this very amazing series. To tell you the truth at first I thought this series is quite boring because it features classical music which I found boring but wtf I was drawn in the series in just the first episode and I like the characters (specially Nodame) and the way Nodame and Chiaki treat each other. I kinda correlate with the characters especially Nodame, the way she approached music at first, I’m also like that I always do everything half heartedly and I don’t want someone to tell me what to do with my life (in Nodame’s case she doesn’t want other people to tell her how to play the piano). The series is also funny mainly because of Nodame, her weirdness and relationship with Chiaki. It’s just sad that the 2nd season ended already and I want more Nodame Cantabile goodness that’s why I read the manga and surprised that it is also good and truly deserving to get the Kodansha manga award. I wish that in the next season the debut of Nodame would be included but I doubt that since Ninomiya is still recovering from her carpal tunnel syndrome so the serialization has been irregular. Oh crap I want to read the next chapter of Nodame Cantabile asap since chapter 129 ended with Nodame disappearing again.

A series really worth of praise and I could easily recommend this to people who likes musical themed anime with a touch of comedy and romance. I really liked the series and it immediately become one of my favorite anime of all time and it made me appreciate classical music.

I don’t know if that’s a review or what…I just feel like writing something about this series but I’ll rate it anyway.

Story: 9/10
Art: 8/10
Sounds: 9/10
Character: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall: 9/10 (Great!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

K-ON! - 06

This episode is not as funny as the last one but I think its still good but I’m expecting more like what they did with the episode 12 of TMoHS. I like what they did with the music video while the band was performing but I also like to see the band members play their instruments. I think they are saving the best performance in the last episode but I wonder if it’s the best decision. Of course, Mio is so adorable in this episode specially when she tripped and the pantsu shot was cut, which I think would be visible if the series was shown in HD so I think they’re saving that shot in the dvd version. Kudos to the voice actress of Yui, she was able to sound a hoarse but moe Yui in this episode specially when she become the back-up singer during the live performance and I think that was really funny. I kinda feel that their band would have 2 vocalist (Yui and Mio) and when I was pondering about that another question pops up, what is their band name? I think its Cagayake girls like the OP of the series because I think K-ON is just the short cut for the light music club but then again, that might also be the band name. I don’t know…let’s just find out as the series progress.

Overall, another Mio centric episode (I’m already a fan of hers because of her moéness and moé behaviour) and still its enjoyable even thought the best episode so far is episode 5. If there’s a fan club out there for Mio, sign me up!!

Btw I’ve finally decided what to blog and those are K-ON, Valkyria Chronicles and Eden of the East. K-ON and Valkyria will be both available in this blog and Thingle’s but my impression of Eden of the East will only be posted in my site since Thingle is also blogging it.

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