Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Impressions: Highschool Of The Dead - 01 and Ookami-san - 01

Highschool of the Dead - 01

Madhouse has done it again. The animation is just awesome probably one of the best animation this year. Holy crap the blood splatters are just heavenly, a really nice effect. Though Madhouse stayed true to its medium, they played with 3D CGI buildings and surprisingly it works well with the 2D ones to create one hell of a atmospheric effect. Cinematography is just hands down to Madhouse. Even the random zombies on the background are moving or rocking about, such detail. Well, this is a horror show so there's some ecchi moments. We were given an overload shots of Rei's pantsu but I hope they should lessen that in the future episodes 'cause it bothers me but if it's Saeko…..hehehe I'm in XD. I read the manga version of this so I noticed that they censored some of the gore and even the teacher that committed suicide and I don't know what with them since it seems that gore is a no, no while the ecchi is fine.