Sunday, May 10, 2009

K-ON! - 06

This episode is not as funny as the last one but I think its still good but I’m expecting more like what they did with the episode 12 of TMoHS. I like what they did with the music video while the band was performing but I also like to see the band members play their instruments. I think they are saving the best performance in the last episode but I wonder if it’s the best decision. Of course, Mio is so adorable in this episode specially when she tripped and the pantsu shot was cut, which I think would be visible if the series was shown in HD so I think they’re saving that shot in the dvd version. Kudos to the voice actress of Yui, she was able to sound a hoarse but moe Yui in this episode specially when she become the back-up singer during the live performance and I think that was really funny. I kinda feel that their band would have 2 vocalist (Yui and Mio) and when I was pondering about that another question pops up, what is their band name? I think its Cagayake girls like the OP of the series because I think K-ON is just the short cut for the light music club but then again, that might also be the band name. I don’t know…let’s just find out as the series progress.

Overall, another Mio centric episode (I’m already a fan of hers because of her moéness and moé behaviour) and still its enjoyable even thought the best episode so far is episode 5. If there’s a fan club out there for Mio, sign me up!!

Btw I’ve finally decided what to blog and those are K-ON, Valkyria Chronicles and Eden of the East. K-ON and Valkyria will be both available in this blog and Thingle’s but my impression of Eden of the East will only be posted in my site since Thingle is also blogging it.

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