Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reason for being AFK for awhile...

In my experience, every time whenever final exams are going near, professors suddenly requires you to pass many requirements and of course they also give us a whole lot of surprise quizzes. Then here comes the final exams and of course I have to study or else I'll pay for my tution. All of that is now over and all that's left is to get my class cards at school so I'm not that busy anymore.

I'm going to continue covering Toradora and Suzumiya-chan but for the shows last winter I think I'll just give a review 'cause it's now pointless to cover it since the series are about to be finished. I'll finish and then post my Best of Anime 2008 its beginning to rot inside my hard drive. I know it's so late but I'll still post it anyway. Btw what happened to Mouryo no Hako....I haven't finished that yet because there's no one continuing to sub it.

until then...


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