Monday, September 14, 2009

So damn busy...

I apologize if I haven't posted my impressions on Haruhi Suzumiya S2 eps 13 and 14, also Canaan eps 8-11 yet. It's just that my schedules been so tight these past couple of weeks and I'm trying to cope up with my lessons or else I'll surely fail. I'll try posting those this week and I'll be reviewing Haruhi Suzumiya S2 since it's already finish. Oh, I haven't finished K-On! and Suzumiya Haruhi-chan right? I'll post a review of that too but I think that'll be after I made the FallLine Up review.

Wow, fall is already coming and I haven't been able to post the fall line up. Anyway, I'll try posting that next week even though my finals are already looming ahead. I've already researched what shows are coming next season and what are those shows about so yeah, I think I could do that next week.

until then...


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