Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! -10 Quick Post

Hell, yeah I would like to see this event on Maid-latte

This part is hilarious....Kou thought that Usui is Misaki's boyfriend then as Misaki denies it then Usui told him he's just a stalker. LOL XD

I really like this part Kyaa!! XD

ARGH!! Kuuga really gets on my nerves he's so arrogant and full of himself. I think Misaki should have punched him.

He even made Sakura cry and also insulted Misaki...damn you Kuuga

Go Misaki!! give him a piece of your mind. Thank goodness Misaki act as herself here..

Haha!!! Shizuko exploded. No wonder if I'm in that situation I'll probably blow up too

Misaki then remembers this scene which result to..

This episode wouldn't be complete without Misaki's tsundere side showing up

until then...


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