Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ore no Imouto–13 (Quick Post)

Honestly speaking, I think Oreimo is more entertaining when Kirino is not around so thank goodness the specials is full of Kuroneko XD

Honestly, with these specials I think they should just change the title with “My Kohai can’t be this cute just like the title of the next episode” XD Kureno>Kirino

Hmmmm…its nice to see different faces of Kuroneko, her sudden outburst face and her tsundere side XD

Kuroneko: “It was a thoroughly terrible game from beginning to end. Please tell the creator to go die.”
Hahahaha!! So after beating the highest score now she’s being rude. She’s not that different when she’s cosplaying.

 Saori sure know how to tease this two…good job!

*Thumbs up* to Saori. She’s another reason why this ep is so hilarious XD

Kuroneko: “I’m not a replacement for your sister
Awwww so that’s what Kyouske’s actions look on Kuroneko’s perspective but I think she’s over read things since Kyouske is really just a person who likes to help other people.

Kyouske: "Have you played ‘Homoge Club’?”
Akagi’s sister: “Yes!! That game is godly, right?”
Everyone else: SHOCK… O_o
LOL!! Ah the fish got caught with its mouth. Everyone else’s reaction is the same as mine O__O. Oh and I see Kuroneko grinning there.

And she’s proud of it. “Yare, yare” *face palm*

Haha!! Even Kuroneko got scared with this fujioshi well honestly I would too.

Kuroneko: “Do what you want, I’ve already given up” *grins*
Haha!! I smell love in the air!! YES!!! This is what I’m waiting for

"†Inochi Mijikashi Koi se yo Otome† (†命短し恋せよ乙女†)" by Kana Hanazawa
I think if my memory serves me right, this is the best ED song in the entire Oreimo series. Haha!! Maybe I’m biased since Hana-chan sang this and there’s Kuroneko in the end card but nevertheless I still like this song.

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  1. Something's not right... I found the ending of the 13th episode... at has random endings depending on which the protagonist chooses on to look or to don't look in the Album... it's very strange... and I just came to have the initiative to return on the 13th episode since I got confused in the 14th episode... anyway first saw the ending of the 13th episode where Kirino didn't left... fortunately for me... I was able to view it... if you don't believe me... try repeating the 13th episode for 10 times in different days as you have only 50% chance of making it happen that Kirino would not leave her older brother... the ending where Kirino didn't left is a wonderful part and I kinda happy about it...

    Now that I watched the other ending for the 13th episode where she left without saying it to his bother... I feel sad... :(

  2. Btw... sorry for my bad English... I just observed that I have a lot of typo and some improper words selected... I'm just making my comment quick since I have to little time to enjoy every single second of my day... X3... either way thanks for posting nice summary of the 14th episode... :D... but I really wished that Kirino didn't left... :)

  3. Btw... in the episode where Kirino didn't left his older brother was able to catch up to the last train and was able to go home quickly without having the trouble of borrowing a bike from the club president... so I now know why he was labeled as thief in the 14th episode without me recalling it you should try it... the 13th episode has two endings... and I'm seriously not telling a joke... :3

  4. lol... here's another one... in the episode where Kirino didn't left his older brother... when she looked out the window his older brother was not in a bike and is not tired... and on the part where Kyousuke handed out the goods to Kirino... the line that Kyousuke said to Kirino I think it was... He was going to take a sleep or something like that... well I think that's the last different part... and afterwards the part where Kyousuke is selecting on whether to look or not to look at the album is a very good and different story... :3

  5. I mean at the part where he selected to look at the album... X3... well I think I have posted too much... bye bye for now... X3

  6. Oh my sorry...I just saw this...damn blogspot not informing me >_<

    Ummm...if I'm not mistaken there are 2 version of ep 12 the one in the original tv broadcast where Kirino didn't left and the one in the specials where Kirino left so yes this is the 13th episode not the 14th.

    Sorry...did I answer your question?

  7. just so you know, in the novel where the anime is based on, kirino really did left. so that's consider the 'true ending'.