Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hello....I'm quite new here in, nice to meet you whoever reading this post....

Welcome to the first post of Silence is Golden in I'm originally and is still blogging at multiply. If you want to check it out then click here. Silence is Golden is dedicated to express my impression on certain anime or jdrama shows that are currently airing or are already finished. I also sometimes blog my impression on the current chapter of an ongoing manga that i've been reading and manga that i've already finished. Of course I'll do all of that with my spare time because I also have a life. Actually, I decided to do all those things so to those whoever reading my blog will be informed about the new anime that are airing in Japan and also to share to them what I think about those shows. My other aim is to learn how to express whatever it is on my mind because I'm a person who finds it difficult expressing my feelings 'cause I'm afraid about other people's reaction. I'm still new here in so it might take some time for me to get used with this so please bear with me. When I already know how to improve my site here then I'll make it better. Well, that's it for my introduction. I'll start my blogging here by posting a winter anime preview.

until then...


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