Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Impression: Cross Game - 01 & Hanasakeru Seishounen - 01

Disclaimer: If I blogged the first episode that doesn’t mean that I’ll stick to it. It’s just that I want to give shows a chance before saying that they sucked.

Cross Game - 01

At the first part of the episode I thought that the pacing was a bit slow but after the episode ended I think it was appropriate. This is only the episode of the series and there are little character background and relationships but wow, it was able to make me teary eyed and I even have goose bumps. I really like the way they extended the ending song it’s appropriate for the mood at that moment and I like it. On the other hand, I find the OP song decent but I didn’t like it that much I really 2x like the ending song better. The animation was fine but I find the character design a bit of a retro and sometimes I find it hard to distinguish whose who in the series. I never thought that a baseball story with a touch of romance would be this good.

I don’t know if I’ll continue blogging this but I know I’ll watch this since the debut episode is really good and I’m interested in finding out how Kou handle the death of her childhood friend.

Hanasakeru Seishounen - 01
Lets start with the OP song, I found it really good and according to the website of m33w the singer was J-Min, a Korean singer. I checked some of her songs on YouTube and wow she’s quite good. This is quite interesting episode revealing at the end that Kajika would choose a husband from 3 men. I know that I watched this one because I could get to see handsome guys but that’s not the case now since there’s more to the story than it seems. At first it seems simple; a girl chooses one from the three guys and hey, with the setting I think it’s more than that. To tell you the truth, during the first part of the episode I thought it was Yuri but that’s it and it became revers harem as the series progresses. What’s up with her leopard pet? Why does she love it that much, maybe it’s because it was given to her by Li Ren.

The animation is fine its just average for the current standard so I think it’ll eventually get worse. The guys are gorgeous and Kajika is quite boyish, I like her so far.

Overall a very good debut episode and I’m surely going to watch this because I’m a sucker with shojo shows.

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