Saturday, May 14, 2011

Denpa Onna–05 Quick Post

Oh SHAFT you just gave me a heart attack there you sure know how to push the moe buttons on me. You definitely know how to please your fans.
How could you reject something this moé?
Why reject Erio when you know your sales would increase 100% (guaranteed) if someone like her works in your store?!

Seems like this show is pointing out the recent rejection of anime fans in some companies in Japan. Oh come on! That’s just pure discrimination! Let’s just respect each others hobby alright? In Erio’s case, what’s wrong with being different and a bit famous for walking around town in a blanket? I just hate people with that ‘I therefore conclude’ attitude pshhh…she could be like the next great CEO of your company or manager of your store…you’ll never know. At least we see her trying to fix her life and that’s what a call determination and effort.

Now here’s Meme-san and Erio dealing us some psychological damage…enjoy…cause I know I did XD

until then…


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