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Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san! - First Impression

Title: Yondemasu Yo Azazel-san!
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural
08 Yondemasu yo
Akutabe is a detective who summons devils to solve the troubles of his clients. One day, a low class devil Azazel Atsushi is summoned by Akutabe and is used harshly by him and his assistant Rinko.

"Pandemic!! (ぱんでみっく!!)" by Chihiro Yonekura

The summary of this series will mislead you into thinking that this series is boring. Good thing when I watch the first episode, this show proved me wrong. I was really surprised that this series is so hilarious that I find myself in a laugh till you cry moment every time I watch this show. This series is not for all since some might find the jokes in this series offending with those sex jokes thrown all over the place. Well, after watching Panty & Stocking I now have a huge tolerance with the most extreme green jokes out there and if you compare P&S's with Azazel's sex jokes, you'll find Azazel's jokes a lot tamer.

There's nothing much to expect from the story since this show is in the comedy genre and it is an episodic series with only 13 min every episode. All we get in the story is how Akutabe, who is a detective, summons demons to do his bidding and he even abuses them where he looks more like the demon instead. Together with his assistant Sakuma Rinko they meet various clients that leads to meeting new demons that made me laugh my ass off with their various antics as they try to solve the cases of their cllients.

The characters of this series are not only hilarious they are also interesting. Let's start off with Akutabe who is more like a demon than the demon he summons. Like I said above, he is a detective that summons demons to accomplish his work . There's also Sakuma Rinko who I thought has a goody good persona but as I watch more episodes the show proved me wrong once again. She is also hilarious as she tries to control those demons and sometimes she get abused by those demons but most of the time she's the one who abuses the demons specially the useless Azazel. Now let's go to the demons. We got Azazel who is a demon that enjoys sex and lust. Yeah he performs the task assigned to him but he doesn't perform it well that warrant him Akutabe's wrath. There's Beelzebub who looks like a penguin but he's actually a fly who could force someone to defecate on the spot. Undine is a mermaid who's suppose to be pretty but she's the opposite and she has the power to transform the appearance of people who befalls her jealousy. How Akutabe controls this demon is oh so hilarious, go watch it right now so you'll understand what I'm saying here. Another hilarious demon is Salamander who looks like a lizard that could make you believe the opposite of what you're saying. The episode that involves him and Undine is just unforgettable. We also met Moloch who they say is very violent but he's mainly useless and she's just a cute bull (is he a cow or a bull?).

There's nothing spectacular with the animation. The ugly faces of the mundane people like the people walking the street or the client of Akutabe adds to the comedy atmosphere of this series. The outrageous facial expressions too and how it was animated adds another factor to the enjoyment.

The OP of Azazel is fine but there's nothing really impressive in it but I'll say that it fits the light heartedness and silliness of this series with that upbeat song. I also love the performance of the seiyuus in this since with their over the top performance they could really make the audience laugh.

Yes! I definitely enjoyed this series a lot with its ridiculous characters. Others might find the comedy crude and blunt so yeah this is not for everyone. If you don't mind green jokes then I think you will definitely enjoy this series like I did. I easily suggest for you guys who like comedy to watch this its surprisingly good.

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