Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!! - 120499 akemi_homura dental japanese_clothes

It's less than an hour on this side of the world before New Year so before my internet goes down I'd like to greet you guys a Happy New Year! As much as I like to draw our mascot in a yukata costume for the new year greeting but I'm really out of time since its been a busy holiday for me. I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday like the folks of Madoka Magica below. - 12283 - 119419 - 123326 sample

Since I found lots of really good wallpapers for this new year greeting I'll post a wallpaper dump. Enjoy!

Happy New Year Everyone!

AHHHH I don't want my vacation to end yet >.<. I'm not yet finish with my review good grief T_T

until then...

~ ja - 1349 sample - 44059 sample - 73930 - 78535 - 87491 sample - 90327 sample - 111512 - 111925 a-10 - 123017 sample


  1. Happy new year, the lack of Kyubey in the post is sad though...:P

  2. Oh LOL...Happy New Year to you too!! If I'll post any QB pics it'll be about him being'll definitely ruin the mood XD