Monday, January 26, 2009

Ga-Rei-Zero - 9&10

Ga-Rei-Zero - 9

Poor Yomi, being stabbed by those spike like things and being crippled forever and also not being able to talk! What the heck? I feel so sad for her. While watching this I imagined myself in Yomi’s position, can’t move my body properly and can’t even talk. I had a reason to kill Mei but I can’t explain anything so it caused misunderstanding leading people to conclude that I killed her out of jealousy and rage. Feeling the doubtful stares of my very close comrades and sisters and eventually getting controlled by the Death Stone. How sad, feeling both pain physically and emotionally.

What the heck’s wrong with that butterfly boy touching Yomi inappropriately? All he had to do was to plant that Death Stone and that’s it but what’s with those touching? He really is a pervert and annoying boy. Woooo!!! Evil Yomi is here….can’t wait to watch her in the next episode. I really think that evil Yomi is sexier than the good counterpart.

Overall, a very emotional episode but whenever Yomi interacts with Kagura, my head keeps raising a Yuri flag.

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Ga-rei-Zero - 10

This episode connects episode 2 and I’m kind of disappointed that the only job of the anime original characters is to be killed by Yomi -_- (I would like to see Natsuki and her bike in action). At the beginning, Kagura as you expected whined about Yomi’s disappearance but I’ve gotten used to her whining so I wasn’t pissed at her that much. Then Yomi comes into the picture (naked but of course there were some unusual censorship) and killed her uncle. The 3D dinosaur also made an appearance that was like a clue that this episode was connected with episode two. Yomi started decapitating bodies and the most gruesome was when killed the guy who used suitcase as a weapon and I pity him for experiencing a very painful death (I forgot his name). What the….the censorship in this episode was so unusual and I’m wondering why they’ll censor that since there was already so much bloodshed in the entire episode.

Next episode there will seem to be a battle between Kagura’s father and Yomi. I can’t wait to see Byakuei in action so I’m hoping that there will be also a good dose of action next episode.

Overall, an episode filled with badass Yomi goodness, a good amount of action and gore. Oh God Yomi is so badass and sexy at the same time.


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Btw, I've already finished watching episode 11&12 and I'm still on the process of writting it so I think I can't release it today, maybe tomorrow. After the release of 11&12 Toradora would be next. I've only been inactive for about 3 weeks and that left me so many things to blog so pardon me if the releases are slow. I think I can't release yet the 2008 Anime Top 5 picks 'cause I'm not yet finished watching the some of the shows last year. Gomen... :D

If you're looking for my blog about Ga-Rei-Zero and my other blog entries, go here. I just started my blog here recently but I have another blog and my previous posts are there so try checking it out, I'd appreciate it... :D

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