Monday, February 2, 2009

Maria+Holic - 01

I've watched the early broadcast version of Maria+Holic but because of my busy schedule I wasn't able to blog it but at last I'm going release a blog about the first episode

All I could say about this episode is "Wow...that was just awesome" and with those words I was left impressed by the series. I don't know if I've watched a SHAFT series before but the style they used in this show was so artistic. OMG!!! Mariya is so moe but what the heck...she's a guy. I thought this is another Yuri series but wow, its not and I think Mariya is not you're average tramp. I think this show is trying to ridicule Marimite but I don't hate them for that. This episode is so hilarious from Kanako's rants, Mariya, Matsurika and dorm leader calling herself god, the characters are interesting and cool. Mariya's torturing and blackmailing made me giddy...LOL torture me Mariya!! The seiyuu of Mariya has done a very good job in voicing a male Mariya and a kind Mariya and Matsurika's voice is sexy.

Overall, a very brilliant episode and I will surely watch Maria+Holic from start to finish..

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