Monday, February 16, 2009

Toradora 14-19

Toradora - 14

I think this is more like a transition from the cultural festival arc to the next arc. The ‘Touching Taiga will get you lucky’ was quite amusing even though it was different from the novel. There seems to be a development the character of Ryuuji, Taiga, Minori and Ami.
I think Yuusaku was rejected by the Preseident…Ooohh.. I wonder how would this affect him.

There’s nothing much but still worth watching..

Toradora - 15

What the heck Kitamura …are you in you’re rebellious stage? Kitamura doesn’t look like a delinquent with that yellow hair of his. I really find it stupid that he dyed his hair so that he won’t be running as a student council president. He’s such a kid, trying to get attention by doing that.
It seems that Sumire really rejected Kitamura…
Wow, it seems that Minorin can’t keep her feelings anymore.

Toradora – 16
Wow….another epic episode of Toradora. I never expected that there would be a fist fight in this kind of show. To comment further, I find the choreography quite good despite that this show is in the comedy, romance, slice of life genre. So far, this episode has become one of my favourite Toradora episode.
I feel sad for Kitamura especially when it seems that Kanou didn’t properly respond to his confession. What caught my attention was when Minori heard the conversation of the girls who picked up Taiga’s notebook and saw her picture of Kitamura during the school festival. Then Ami whispered to Minori, “Are your feelings of guilt gone?” and then there was a shot where Ami seems….oh I can’t find words for this just look at the picture here. It seems that Minori feels some what guilty for falling in love with Ryuuji since she thought that Ryuuji and Taiga are together but now she found out that Taiga really like Kitamura and I don’t know what kind outcome will this turn of events produce. I hope they’ll tackle this one in the future episode. I know its still early for this but I hope J.C. staff will give us a epic ending.

Toradora – 17


At last, we got a new opening entitled Silky Heart. When I first heard this, it’s just so-so but I think I could like it eventually. I still like Parade but I’m starting to like this one. There’s also a new ending entitled orange and it’s also a so-so for me but same with the opening I think it could grow on me.
Wow, what a good change of pace. We get to see Taiga’s smile several times in this episode. I think this is a start of a new arc and they are preparing for a Christmas party. It doesn’t seem special but I think in the future episodes it’ll be interesting. It was revealed that Maya likes Yuusaku…what’s this…another rival for Taiga. I’m quite irritated at Maya ‘cause she immediately concludes that Ryuuji doesn’t like the idea of YuusakuxTaiga pairing and caliming that she supports him (wth??). I think something is bothering Minorin for quite a while now and I hope the future episodes will give us some explanation.

Toradora – 18


I really find what Ami said interesting. According to her, Ryuuji is acting as the role of father to Taiga and I think it’s true. The way she put it, it makes sense now why Ryuuji was so caring towards Taiga and yet it seems that he doesn’t love her in an intimate way. I know I should be happy that Taiga has been always smiling but it really is awkward to see her smile. The reason why she smiled a lot was because she wanted to be good so that Santa would visit her. She claims that she saw Santa before but I think it was just a dream born because of her belief that someone is watching her.
The shattered star was like a metaphor on what Minori thinks when she agrees to date Ryuuji and I think it was a good illustration. After that Ryuuji said that it can be repaired…it really is a good symbolism.

Oh God, Toradora is really good…I’m hoping for RyuujixMinori ending…

Toradora - 19


What a very emotional episode, even though it’s not a funny episode I still enjoyed it. There has been some notable development in this episode and that is Taiga’s love for Ryuuji. I’m not sure what kind of love is that but because of Taiga’s action, it seems that she developed feelings for Ryuuji by always wanting him to her side. Ryuuji’s position is tough, with the girls falling in love with him and with his unsorted feelings it’ll be difficult for him. I’m rooting for RyuujixMinorin pairing but it’s still ok if Taiga ended up with Ryuuji because I’m expecting it to happen. I find it painful to look at Taiga and Minorin, they both love the same man and they’re not taking any action because they’re best friends and I think by doing that Ryuuji will end up getting hurt more.
It’s heart breaking to see Taiga crying to herself and wanting Ryuuji to her side…I really felt sad. I gotta praise the directing this week, it’s awesome. Especially when Taiga went out to chase after Ryuuji and cried outside and then Minori saw her and then Minori covered her eyes while she was rejecting Ryuuji and ending up running away. Good job J.C. Staff.

Really, I think Toradora will make it in my 2009 Top Picks. I’m simply impressed…

Btw…the ending song suited the episode. Good thing they replaced the up beat ending with the song that Ami and Taiga peformed.

Here's the mass release of Toradora.....Wow that was a lot of impression...Tired....


until then..


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