Monday, February 2, 2009

Ga-Rei - 11

There was a cool fight scene between Yomi and Kagura’s father. Even though it’s quite short, I still found it cool. Well, I’ll blame Kagura for cutting the fight short though I can’t blame her for not killing Yomi. After that almost the entire episode was spend on Kagura’s father and daughter bonding..

I will not forget the fight scene of the director and Yomi. I think I slipped off my seat when the director’s wheelchair transformed into a chariot with blade. I tolerated the iron weapon, the drill, the suitcase but this? What the heck? I think it should have been better if she just hold the blades instead of putting them on the side of the wheelchair, it just looked ridiculous.

I thought the writers are gonna kill both the director and Kiri but they didn’t. Instead, both of them had an amnesia.. Why didn’t the writer killed them off? Are they planning on putting them in another sequel? I’m just wondering since they killed off tons of people already but now…wtf?

Overall, a very crazy episode and I think it’s decent enough. I hope the final episode will have a good conclusion but still I hope there would be a sequel.

Btw, I apologize again by the late release...I thought my schedule would be free but because of our thesis I'm very busy (Our prof is rushing us -_-). I will continue blogging when I have a spare time but I think I will be blogging regularly when there's no classes. Sigh...I have to submit the Chapter 3 on wed and Chap 4 on fri and tom I have a quiz so I expect that I would be busy. Gomen...

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