Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kobato. - 01

The best description for this episode would be the word cute. Kobato is so cute specially when she tried to cook, that was hilarious. She's so cute when she sang in the episode and whatever she does.....she really looks CUTE! She's so cute and at the same time childish that I wonder how old is she. So yeah, we are presented with some bits on what the story is about but we don't really know who the hell is Kobato, where did she come from and why does she have that wish. I would certainly like to find out all of that so yeah I'll watch this one.

The character design and story was made by CLAMP so I really expect the character design to be gorgeous. Thank goodness MADHOUSE have not screwed up in animating this.

The OP and ED songs are appropriate with the series but I liked the ED song better which was sung by Megumi Nakajima. The OP on the other hand was also good but it's too jolly for my taste.

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