Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Impression: Otome Youkai Zakuro

"MOON SIGNAL" by Sphere
I love the opening sequence since it features characters we'll meet but the song is just so-so


Of all the shows coming from J.C. Staff this season, this one's my favorite ever since I started watching it. Honestly, I don't have any idea where this series is headed and I can't even understand the summary found in my season preview so my anticipation level of this series is low but heck when I watched it, I was just blown away with the interesting story, quirky characters, beautiful character design, stunning animation and of course the superb voice acting. Somehow, I got the feeling that this series will be one of those awesome shows by J.C. Staff and currently it is one of my favorite shows this season.

The series was set in the Meiji period where humans and spirits try to co-exists together. During those times, there is a continuous westernization of Japan and because of that the once respected spirits are now being driven away out of their homes and are being shunned by the terrified humans. In order to help maintain the harmony between the two races, the government has set up a Ministry of Youkai where three really attractive soldiers from the army are being paired up with half-youkai/spirit girls. I really, find the setting of the story interesting and engaging. It has that mysterious air to it that makes you watch the next episode in order to unravel the story behind Zakuro but also to watch how the characters interact with each other.

Another interesting thing about this series is it's characters and from the first two episodes the characters are nicely fleshed out and I like how they played at their dialogue so it's nice to know that J.C. Staff is not wasting their time in fleshing out the story and the characters. The characters are really lovable, we have Zakuro who is quiet impulsive and assertive (and also a tsundere to boot) and was able to be swooned over by Agemaki Kei during their first introduction but after learning that Kei is scared of spirits and such a wuss her impression of him worsen and always end up getting pissed at him. Agemaki Kei is such a funny character, he reminds me of Tamaki of Ouran Highschool Host Club but he also has his serious side specially when it comes with Zakuro. We also have a shy spirit girl named Susukihotaru who finds her partner really big and scary so Riken Yoshinokazura even though he is a stoic, straight faced kind of guy, when he over heard that his partner is scared of him he later helped her reach something on a high shelf and crouched down and asked if he is still scary (that scene made me go "Awwwwww"). The last threesome is composed of cheerful twin half-spirit named Bonbori and Hozuki who likes to tease their partner Ganryu Hanakiri who talks big but is actually the youngest (and smallest) of the soldiers.

I think the animation was beautiful, I like what they did to the lighting it makes the surroundings look breathtaking. The character design on the other hand is nicely done by the mangaka, she was able to hit two birds with one stone since the guys are really handsome and the girls are such a beauty with their Kimono and they just look so elegant. Oh I have to commend the opening scene of the first episode, with that very bewitching song and then Zakuro slays that demon with her knife/sword and just from that I have a feeling that it's a good thing I decided to watch the series since it was really worth my time.

The OP and ED song on the other hand are just so-so. It's like your typical anime song but somehow the song that was sung by Bonbori and Hoozuki in the ED of the episode 2 is much nicer to the ears.

So far I'm still enjoying the series (specially with Agemaki around) and I want to know the back story of Zakuro and who is the guy with the mask in the OP?

Let's see and find out…

Until then…


"Hatsukoi wa Zakuro-iro (初戀は柘榴色)" by Mai Nakahara and Takahiro Sakurai
This one is just so-so, didn't really like it
but heck the stills are just gorgeous

"Junjou Masquerade (純情マスカレイド)" by Aki Toyosaki, Yui Horie and Yuuki Kaji
I really prefer this one than the first ending that was featured though it's not that catchy

That's our Agemaki in action lol He never fails to make me laugh XD
This scene is one of my favorite so far

Yep, I'm bewitched
When I saw this is scene I immediately thought that I'm gonna love this show

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