Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ore no Imouto - 08 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
Now we have a Zaku and Gundam look alike in the OP

Kirino is putting salt to Kuroneko's wounds. She's a really insensitive girl, good thing Kuroneko could keep it together.

So that's what professionals look like...very intimidating

Kirino is really way over her head asking things that are impossible from the first place

And now she collapsed after experiencing a taste of reality

Yep, you won't get what ever you like all the time...

*Strike one* No wonder that writer could never achieve his dreams. He's contented in sticking to his comfort zone

Well, some idiots are just really lucky but I think the reason why Kirino got that attention it was probably because she has passion in making it and her readers could see and feel that in her novel since they could relate to the author

I totally agree *nods* that girl needs to learn a lesson or two

It really is all about money isn't it. That's why sometimes I hate this world

Another drastic move by Kyouske. How could he lower his pride just for the sake of his ungrateful sister

If it hadn't been for the level headed Kuroneko this might have gotten ugly

Hah! Kuroneko asked the thing that has been bothering me but I doubt that Kyouske is a siscon or a masochist maybe it's just he really cares for his sister though in a very unusual way

Yep, I really2x want a brother like Kyouske, I really envy Kirino

I don't know why Kirino doesn't wonder why the producers of her anime are suddenly listening to her request. Really, if only she knows it's all Kyouske's doing...

What a cliffhanger...and why is it that it's already the last life counseling?!

Moe~ XD gotta love the chibi Kuroneko

until then...


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