Monday, November 15, 2010

Ore no Imouto - 07 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
Now we got a Meruru OP I hope we get to see a Op of Maschera too. I really never get tired of the OP song, I still love it

Right on!! Yep definitely scary

Really, if that ever happen to me I'll also definitely kill the author

Spot on again. What's with these girls mimicking each other?

Actually, Kuroneko's novel is more like a light novel than Kirino's with that beautiful artwork and all. Mattaku, when you just put emoticons and sound effects in a book the reader won't understand what's happening in the story.

Well, you reap what so sow

Banzai to Japan!! What an innovation :))

Errr...more like awkward since your watching a naked loli with two young girls

Well, that's anime to you. Even if the protagonist is beaten to pulp he/she could still put a smile on their faces.

It's a good thing that Kuroneko could bear with Kirino's bitchiness because I can't see Kirino giving up on he argument. *yare yare*

:)) Kyouske doesn't know how to hide his virtual footprints unlike me I usually erase the history and the temporary internet files

Oh ho~ busted. So that's the purpose of that "research"

Kirino made another drastic move just to stop Kyouske from complaining but honestly, does she have to do that to gain Kyouske's attention?

Now, here's big brother to the rescue. Even the convenience store is named 'Sister Mart' it seems like we're really headed to the 'little sister' route nevertheless, I still root for Kuroneko as a better 'imouto' material

I like it when Minami tries to be forceful but somehow it's lacking but still, good job for trying. I'd rather go for MinamixKyouske or much better.....KuronekoxKyouske than with Kirino

Ha! I think Kirino done that on purpose so that Minami would get jealous, poor girl. Honestly, Minami needs more love...

Since Kirino isn't irritating and she's ridiculously cute in this week's episode, here's more Kirino goodies:

Kirino really looks like a little kid when she started singing the OP of Meruru. Hey where did the tsundere go?

Now, she's doing *Kira* ala Ranka Lee style

Masquerade! by Kana Hanazawa
Kana-chan sure have a beautiful voice somehow, I like the upbeat song and her voice. It really seems like a real OP of a really angsty anime. I'll definitely make the pic of the girls as my wallpaper from now on *like*

Overall, a really enjoyable episode and to tell you the truth I can't predict where this series is going but I hope it'll get much more interesting from now on.

until then...


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