Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ore no Imouto - 09 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
Somehow, this is my favorite OP sequence since it features almost all of Oreimo's cast

I honestly thought that this one was a scene from an eroge, it's the scene transition's fault. I really didn't recognize that it was Kuroneko without her costume.

Nope it's not, Kirino turned it off to get rid of people who are disturbing her eroge playing

Looking through a mirror Kirino? You both are a tsundere and has the same hair color...have a taste of your own personality :))

If ever I caught a middle school kid looking like this in real life I would wouldn't be able to sleep...I would find it really disturbing

This is really surprising. I never thought that Saori would be this pretty and to boot that up she's also filthy rich

A little more to the right so that I could see your face....

It's nice to see Kuroneko getting surprised and happy when she received a phone all from Kyouske

Yep....too bad Kirino is an inconsiderate brat. I really want Kuroneko as Kyouske's imouto

Yeah! Give her a piece of your mind! Heck if I'm in his position I would have destroyed my imouto's eroge

After seeing a normal Kuroneko, she's back into another world...

Awww, Kirino could relate to the eroge

Oh, I could relate to this. Sometime I also don't know who is the real me, the goody good kid or the one who loves anime and games...

Awww, Kirino can now understand Kuroneko's figure of speech

Kuroneko: "Those people are my friends that live in the same world as us"
Awwww....Kuroneko considers Kirino as her friend

Kyouske's really needs to learn self defense or else he'll die before he reach his 20s specially with Kirino abusing him

Mattaku, she never learn. Oh well, that's her charm with that full charged 'tsun' mode

Suki Nanda mon! by Taketatsu Ayana
I like the OP of the song but the rest was easy to forget...

Behold, my new wallpaper XD

until then...


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