Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ore no Imouto - 11 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
I don't know if the Japs are trolling with english again with that spelling of height...maybe it's a typo

Yeah!! Thank God for the emergency escape key!! But Kyouske's still busted :))

Good Morning Kirino! Surprised to see your rival early in the morning?

Yeah the circumstances are really suspicious but Kirino are you his girlfriend? *Grins* I smell jealousy :3

Kirino: "So you're saying if I brought over a boyfriend, and has sex in the living'd be okay with it?"
LOL Yeah how did the conversation turn into something really awkward thank goodness Manami butt in since my imagination is going crazy XD

How rude, she's your visitor and yet you made her clean the living room *tsk3x*

What a perfect house wife for Kyouske! Beat that Kirino!

Impressed much? Looking for flaws? You'll find non. 1-Manami, 0-Kirino...

*Chuckles* They look like grandma and grandpa

Now it's Kirino's 'you'll pay for this' look

If you want to hide it badly Kyouske you can flip the screen and it'll close. Really, sometimes stupidity gets ahead of us in situations like this *tsk2x*

Yeah, guess who's the culprit? What a very inconsiderate girl...

Oh no Manami even found out your porn magazines featuring girls with glasses hmmm...

Manami seems very happy with your collection :)) Manami is really a naught girl behind that innocent facade

What a very embarrassing banner. In a situation like this you'll really wish you should have died before you witness something like this...specially with your own name also printed *face palm*

Yeah receptionist-san add more fuel to the fire. Nevertheless, good job at peeking...really hilarious!

I like it when Kirino looks embarassed. She's so cute XD

*Jaw drops* Oh goodness so cute XD *nose bleeds*

Haha!! Oh I know that look....Kirino wants to take home Kuroneko and do only God know what....

Hey how dare you interrupt Kuroneko...

Oh my, I just love the sound effects by Kuroneko *nose bleeds* too bad Kirino interrupted again *sigh*

I wouldn't mind if you'll call me onee-chan XD so sexy Kyaaaaa!!! Kana-chan (Hanazawa Kana) I am now officially in love with your voice XD

Did I see that one right? O_o Kirino giving Kyouske a gift?!

Pardon? Did I hear sorry coming from Kirino?

*Gasp* I can't believe my eyes and ears...

With that look of Kyouske I don't know if I'll take him seriously or not specially when he's in front of 3 girls and crying like that:))

Awwww....finally! Kirino didn't slap his hands away...Kyouske's leveling up another notch!

If this is a good end, I'm expecting there will be a true end. I wonder how will that turn out. I will definitely gonna watch it and I'm hoping it'll be a tear jerker

アキハバラ☆だんす☆なう!! (Akihabara Dance Now!!) by Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana, Nabatame Hitomi

*Oreimo - 12 FINAL will be up next then a review

until then..


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