Friday, December 17, 2010

Otome Youkai Zakuro - 11 Quick Post

I apologize for not blogging Zakuro 7-9 I was just really busy the past couple of weeks. No worries I'll give this one a proper review at the end of its run...

This week's Zakuro is really full of revelations specially the story of Zakuro's mother. Oh, I can't contain my excitement

Ha! This confirms my suspicion

Wow, the real fox version of Kushimatsu is really beautiful.

How could Tsukuhane stand this wretched person? I really can't stand the old tradition of arrange marriages.

Thus, Tsukuhane met her first love and Zakuro's father Enaga.

*Chuckles* reminds me of Ayashi no Ceres. She may not be a heavenly creature but she's a real beauty isn't she?

Oho~ so this is where it all started...

It's really silly of Tsukuhane that she's sneaking out just to see Enaga, she's like a kid

What the? Now he's the one who's slapping people instead of Tsukuhane slapping him for keeping Omodaka away from her and just using her for the sake of producing an heir.

Awwww ;_; Their love story doesn't have a happy ending. It was a forbidden love since Tsukhane was the bride of the village chief

Oh I hate every fiber and being of this guy. I saw him as a perverted old man

I also hate his son who betrayed her own mother and had caused her a LOT of pain even though she loved him so much

Awwww ;_; If it weren't for Omodaka this would have come true. I feel sorry for Zakuro :(

Now Agemaki's talking! Looking really brave and all...Go save her Agemaki!!

Agemaki: "Whatever response maybe, I must tell you how..."
Ahhhhh!!! Go save her now and tell her you love her already!!

The Black Widow is on the move again. I think she'll use the jealousy of Daidai to ruin Omodaka and Zakuro's wedding

Oh I love the art!! Look at Omodaka's expression, very wicked! Don't you dare touch Zakuro you pervert she's your sister for cry out loud!

A looming Crisis indeed...Hurry up Agemaki!! Where the hell are you!!

Ahhhhhh!! Last two episodes, I feel quite sad that this series is coming to its end. I'm gonna miss watching this every week...

until then...


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