Thursday, December 2, 2010

Otome Youkai Zakuro - 06 Quick Post

In this episode we got more questions than answers and Zakuro being depressed...

Look at Zakuro blooming by just hearing Hanadate's name. What made you like a guy you barely even knew? I feel bad for Agemaki since he has to see that face...

Good thing Zakuro doesn't know there's milk in the biscuit...


Yeah, I really wonder how those twins cope up after experiencing traumatic things and living their life all alone

I wonder why do we keep seeing Zakuro spacing out in the this some kind of hint for the future things to come?

Oho~ now you admit you care so much about her that you noticed her behaviors that others doesn't notice

This is weird why can't Kushimatsu tell Zakuro about her mother. Ah! this series is full of secrets I hope they've given us a little background story on Zakuro

Haha! WHat a wuss! But a very handsome and sweet wuss I might add XD

We keep seeing Zakuro climbing that tree and her mother warning her not to climb it. I really wonder what's all that about.

One point to Agemaki for catching Zakuro!

Well, that's the charm of a tsundere

Zakuro: "You don't even realized what you're doing..."
Another Kyaaa!!! moment by the main couple. Oh come one Agemaki stop teasing Zakuro and ask her on a date already!!

until then...


*As promised here's the EP 6 of Zakuro. Ep 7-9 is up next...

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