Friday, December 10, 2010

Ore no Imouto - 10 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
I love the OP sequence this week specially the shot where we see Kirino crying in the rain, I wonder what that indicates. Oh I also like the part where it's like Kirino vs Kuroneko (of course I'll root for Kuroneko woo!!) I just love the power ups

A pretty girl asks for a favor and Kyouske agrees immediately....what a very gullible person no wonder his sister always bully him.

Oh well, he's rewarded by Ayase's cute smile. I would really love Ayase looking like this but ever since episode5, I won't be fooled again.

And now you want to back out?

Oooohh~ Do I smell jealousy seeping in your tone Kirino?

Oh no, Kirino had taken Kyouske's joke seriously so.....does this really mean Kirino loves her brother? Somehow I think that's not it, maybe it's not an incest kind of love.

It's really cute how Kuroneko's tongue slipped XD

I also enjoyed Kuroneko being impulsive when she saw a sale dvd of Meschera

So Kyouske found a gift that otakus would drool over but Ayase can't tolerate anime stuff nor cosplaying it so she popped and the psycho Ayase resurfaced again.

Oh how I would pay a good amount of money just to see Ayase cosplay Dark Witch Thanatos. She really fits the character.

Oh my gosh!!!! That hurts A LOT

And a very nice ending pose by Ayase and Kyouske looking lovely on air...

Oho~ I know that look....of course she's planning something

Fate Stay Night finally graced the Oreimo eroge collection with the spoof title Kate Starry Night Unlicensed Blade Works. Lol the game is certainly unlicensed but I hope in the future it will be licensed so that I could get a chance to play it.

Dragging, tricking Kanako and now cutting off the escape route....Ayase is really creative

OMG!! She really like a personified Meruru

What a very cruel friend...

星くず☆うぃっちメルル Hoshikuzu☆Witch Meruru by Tamura Yukari
Kyaaaa!! so cute I can't believe a face changing Kanako could fascinate me XD

Oh my goodness, she's really cute~XD

Lol look at those otakus getting crazy XD

Now she's back to her bitchy self but I gotta admit she's also cute like this. Now I know where Kirino got her attitude

Oh Ayase has forgotten all about you after completing her purpose...what a friend

Even if she hates otaku, she admit that it was fun when she sings and people seems to be captivated by it

Haha!! Ayase really forgot about her poor thing she has to be dragged by the police

Another awesome wallpaper XD

いいえ、トムは妹に対して性的な興奮をおぼえています Iie, Tom wa Imouto ni Taishite Seiteki na Koufun wo Oboeteimasu by Tamura Yukari

until then...


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