Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clannad After Story......SUGOI!!!


Wow at last I was able to finish the series and all I could say is it is a wonderful series and it ended with a high note. I think it’s a good thing that I marathon this series because I was able to absorb the story and the characters fully unlike if I watched it weekly, I often forgot what happened on the episodes on the previous week. I laugh, cried and cried more. Thank goodness no one was around when I watched this series or else I will be a laughing stock at home because of my face which probably has swollen eyes and a snotty nose. I cant help but cry when Nagisa died and whenever Tomoya remembers Nagisa or when he cries I just also cry. I really though that she will stay dead, it’s a good thing the series pulled a deus ex machina ending or else I will literally cry my eyes out.

The characterization is really amazing, all of the characters had a chance to be developed specially Nagisa, Tomoya and let's not forget the annoying but cute Fuuko. I am very happy that Nagisa and Tomoya's relationship is the focus of the most part of this series. I also have to praise the bgm used in this series, it suits the scenes and it was able to evoket he proper emotions during a certain scenes. As for the flow of the story, the first series didn't have much impact than this one mainly because it was mostly building up the story and the characters. Now, when the characters have been fleshed out the dramatic turning of events started and it is really amazing it really worked out and everything fell into place. As for the animation, it is of course good as expected of KyoAni. Overall, that was a fun ride it is really entertaining and enjoyable and I recommend it to people who likes series that have a combination of drama, comedy, romance, slice of life, a bit of mystery and of course let's not forget hot girls.

Love it!! I will surely remember this series and it is now included in my top 10 favourite anime of all time.

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