Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vampire Knight - 60 It's more dramatic to be carried home by bats :))

The scan above is courtesy of SGK

OMG that was awesome even though there's less action but the chapter makes it up with its mouth watering sexiness.

The chapter opened with Rido nagging Kaname about his contradiction: wanting Yuki by himself but locking her up or letting Yuki free but she might eventually leave him. There were some shots in that part of the manga where those contradiction has been used metaphorically and it crossed my mind that the free and happy Yuki sure is much cuter than the one being chained on that bed (though I have to admit a chained Yuki looks hot XD Hino-sensei sure gives one heck of a fan service). Sigh, I missed the Yuki that always wear a carefree smile since in the recent chapters we often see her with a sad smile sigh…..I really miss the old Yuki. Hino-sensei is really good in writing cryptic dialogues that eventually makes you go "ahhhhhh….so that's what happened" in the future chapters. There's this scene where Rido asked Kaname what is he waiting while he laid in that cold coffin, I don't know if it's Yuki or the previous lover of the Kuran ancestor or maybe both?? Oh Hino-sensei it's so hard to predict what your really thinking, I hope I could write something this awesome in the future. When Kaname had heard enough of Rido he crushed his remains then Kaname sensed that Yuki was hurt and got pissed at Touma and calling him brat. The scene then changed when Yuki got injured and Zero saw her lying at the pavement.

Yuki then was seen coughing out blood (no wonder since her lungs got pierced by Touma's bats) but still she says that she's fine and she even said that the sensation of the flesh closings back over the wound is something she isn't used to. She then realized that Zero was staring at her and she immediately stand up and composed herself (I think Yuki was just acting tough in order to show Touma that she wasn't fazed out by what he did or maybe Yuki thinks that she must act tough in front of Zero so that he won't have to worry about her) even though she's not suppose to move yet. She then greets Zero good evening (wtf Yuki you should have thought of something more moving than good evening T_T) then Zero pulled out his gun and Aido thought that he was about to point that gun on Yuki but that wasn't the case because Zero saw that Touma was sneaking behind Yuki to inflict her more wounds but Zero saw him and threatens Touma. Touma then leaves and Yuki then fainted and Aido began to panic and Zero carried Yuki on his shoulder like she's a sack of rice (but if it were old times I think this would have been a sweet scene….Zero carrying Yuki like she's breakable XD) and told Aido that he knows a place where Yuki could lay and rest. Zero then lead Aido to a hunter safe house and at the entrance Aido got blocked by a hunter charm and I think he was a traumatized then Zero carried him inside so that he could enter (that scene was funny and cute because it's my first time seeing Aido so traumatized hahaha!! And then Zero carried him like a kid >_<). Yuki then starting to get conscious and she's hears someone's pulse and also smells a nostalgic scent then Yuki unconsciously tried to bite Zero (well I can't blame her since she doesn't know what she's doing, its in her instinct to bite someone she love XD XD). I really like how Hino-sensei draw this part so sexy, the first shot of Zero his eyes look so cold and then as Yuki licks his neck his gaze soften as if he would like Yuki to bite him XD XD!! But when Yuki realizes what she's doing and saw Zero's face (instead of Kaname??) she stopped and then Zero lashed at her that she barely escaped dying (awwww Zero you shouldn't have said something like that T_T how mean). Yuki then asks him to put her down and Zero said if she could stand then he would let her go and Yuki said that she can and Zero let go of her (I think Zero asked that because he doesn't want to let go of Yuki yet @_@ XD). Yuki then apologizes to Zero then the window shattered (I think the one who shattered that window was Zero not Kaname since the window was pushed outward). Aido then rushed in to ask what happen and Yuki apologized again for being a scatter brain then she leapt out of the window and Aido followed her (AWWWWW ^_^ the Yuki in that scene is so cute I want to hug her). There's a shot where we see Zero clutching his blood stained shoulder where he carried Yuki (awwwww….how sad Zero really loves Yuki but why won't he DO SOMETHING!!!). As Yuki ran away and Aido at her tail Kaname's wolf reformed and Yuki was glad that the wolf was ok then she said that she wants to go home and it's ok if she's punished and Kaname's wolf reformed to bat and enveloped a fainting Yuki. A hard breathing and perspiring Yuki in that scene really looks hot XD and I doubt that Kaname will punish her because last time the only one who got punished was Aido.

Awesome chapter but I really hope that Zero's angst would lessen in the future chapters since it's starting to annoy me already. If he loved Yuki that much then he should find a way to show his feelings or else it'll eat him inside and he will lose Yuki forever. Ugh….I have to wait for one month again for the next chapter……..ahhhh!!!!!! I can't wait >_<

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