Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kampfer Short Review

Sure it has a LOT of fan service and ecchi moments but it was enjoyable you'll just have to forgive its flaws to fully enjoyed it. I think I would have a negative review on this if I have followed it weekly. I really like the character designs but I hate that the animation was sloppy so often times the character's appearance is not that appealing. As for the story it was good for my expectation but you'll have to forgive that its predictable. The ending in episode 11 is left open and I kinda like to know what will happen next since it felt that it have been cut short and yet they wasted the last episode, sigh. I expect this show to suck totally but I given it a chance and I was rewarded. For the music and bgm it's mediocre I never really liked the OP and ED. The plus of the series is its characters I liked them since you can't find those characters usually on other anime. My favorite character would be Shizuku I didn't expect a student council president to be that aggressive and also the character of Akane because even though being a librarian her kampfer self speaks rudely. Another plus is the voice actors that voiced the characters they surprisingly fit their characters and I can't imagine the likes of Yui Horie voicing the foul-mouthed Akane, Inoue Maria also voicing the male Natsuru, Noto Mamiko and Nana muzuki voicing a weird stuff animal. Overall, it was enjoyable but you'll have to adjust your expectations to a very low level and you'll have to forgive the cliché story and the sloppy animation.

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