Monday, April 19, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 03


Sorry for the late post…I'm waiting for Eclipse Subs' release of this but they haven't released it yet so I FFFpeeps subs will do. I got carried away again so more screencaps than usual ^_^

In this episode we have a lot of moe moments from our Misaki-chan. Twin-tails (MOE!!!), embarrassed Misaki (MOE!!!), hard working Misaki (MOE!!!), White sentai Misaki (MOE!!!) and many more. Thank you so much J.C. Staff I could die right now….no just joking I still want to watch the next episode.

This time around there's a new event at the maid café and its Sister Day so all the maids there would be acting and dressing as a maid imouto (little sister). Manager Satsuki asked our Misaki to try acting as a little sister and Honoka's there to teach her but she fails miserably and said that she might not attend that event then here comes out Dark Honoka telling her rude things like "There's a limit to it you conceited little girl". Like I said from the previous post, I'm quiet irritated with Honoka because on outside she acts all cute but inside, she's really evil but still I'm thankful for her because without her we won't see our Misaki working hard for the café and even realizing her flaws. The day of the Sister Day came and here's Misaki acting like a little sister based from her research. Thank goodness Usui's there to tease Misaki and then we got our tsudere imouto!!!! XD

This episode is not only focused on Misaki but also at Usui as he gradually falls for Misaki and he even takes care of her even though Misaki always brushes off his attempts. At school, there's a girl who confessed to Usui and as the girl confesses, Usui saw Misaki saving a guy from falling and getting flattened by a ladder so he immediately rejected the girl by telling her that he's an otaku who loves maids then he went to see Misaki. At the clinic, Usui bandaged Misaki's injured arm and while they were talking Misaki said that she's willing to protect the guys and even Usui and Usui made a love-struck face.

Oh let's not forget Misaki's white sentai maid clothes….hot!! Nice one Usui, white really fits Misaki *thumbs up*.

It seems that the anime is not following the manga timeline it’s a pity but its fine because I sure want to see Chapter 32 animated…..ohhh can't wait :D

Until then…


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